Couple-Hoang & Phong. Hoi An-Viet Nam

Once again I have to say that True Love is something so wonderful and magical. A few years ago, I took an opportunity to do a photo shoot for an LGBT couple. But since I had to keep the privacy info of our clients, so that I kept it a secret and not published anything on social media channels.

Up until now, I have another chance to shoot for Phong & Hoang who is such a special couple like that. Their love story truly inspires me, and gives me the feeling that I just want to be closer and closer to them to capture every genuine emotion of them. Thank you, Phong & Hoang and your quite special love story for giving me the opportunity to shoot such precious moments of you two.

A Passionate Journey WS: Phan Tien p h o t o g r a p h y
Photographer: KailashWedding
Workshop Coordinator: Hands Heart Wedding
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